The Master Key Experience – Week 1

The Master Key Experience for 2019 is underway! This 26 Week Self-Action program is offering a better life for those who follow the program and complete the entire 6-month course. A better life? … Seriously?   Well, past participants are finding that they are happier and having more focus, direction and success in their lives. Change your thinking and change your future. What’s not to like about that?

My first challenge of these 26 Weeks is trying to decide what my future will look like. What is my purpose in life? It was said very clearly this week, “You are writing the script of your life, don’t give someone else the pen”. My future me is a work-in-progress, but I’m excited for the possibilities!

To be honest, there really is something to how we see our future based upon our current thinking. Immediately after submitting my application for a Pay-It-Forward scholarship into the 2019 class, I felt a weight being taking off my shoulders for having taken a small step toward change and creating a new, future me. 😊

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